Reopening 4th July

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We are very pleased to announce we will be reopening on July 4th in line with the government guidelines. We have put some changes in please to help keep everyone safe and secure. Please read our new check in-out procedures and fill in a registration form prior to your arrival. We have acquired the Industry Standard mark “We’re Good to Go” which means we’ve followed the government and BH and HPA guidelines and have risk assessments in place that meet the requirements. We are looking forward to welcoming you back!

Bassenthwaite Osprey lays an egg or eggs?

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Bassenthwaite Ospreys can be viewed within walking distance from the park. In Dodd Wood there are viewing points with telescopes overlooking the nest and feeding sites on the lake.

The behaviour of Unring and his new mate has changed. All activity has been focussed on the nest, with the female sitting down in the nest cup on the platform they have decided upon this year. Over the next few days she continued to sit low in the nest cup, displaying the  distinctive ‘shuffle’ where the egg would be turned over. A good clutch for an osprey is 3 eggs, laid at 2 day intervals. As a young bird this female may not have achieved this – but certainly she has at least one.

To stay updated you can follow the Osprey Watch HERE

View from Scarness Lodge

Bassenthwaite Ospreys Return

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Bassenthwaite’s male Osprey Unring has returned and can been seen from the Dodd Wood view point wooing a new female. Visitors have been watching the pair flying up and down the length of the marshes from the viewing point.

Unrings offspring from 2013 who was electronically tagged has also just returned and is expected to start nest building and looking for a female.

If your currently staying here keep you eyes peeled as they can also been seen fishing in the lake from some of our decks!

To stay updated you can follow the Osprey Watch HERE

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New bird boxes

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New small bird boxes, owl boxes and bat boxes are springing up around the park encouraging our local wildlife and hopefully some spring babies.

Other wildlife that can be spotted around the park during your visit includes red squirrels, deer and our hedgehogs have just come out of hybernation.

Do you have any wildlife photos from a recent stay? Post your photos in the comments.

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Spring is arriving!

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Signs of spring are arriving here on the park after a few warmer days! Why not look at our availability for this weekend or weeks coming. It looks like it could be good weather and lambs are arriving and spring flowers appearing.

New lodges arriving!

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Two brand new lodges have just arrived on site, expertly transported and positioned by Lawsons Haulage Ltd.

Now available to book here! The new lodges are called Ambleside and Applethwaite. More photos will follow when they are fully sited and connected.





Bassenthwaite lakeside lodges hot tub cumbria hire sale lake district David bellamy award gold award

David Bellamy Gold Award

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We are delighted to announce that Professor David Bellamy has named Bassenthwaite Lakeside Lodges one of the UK’s greenest places to take a holiday – and awarded it a special accolade for protecting the natural world.

Bassenthwaite Lakeside Lodges is now a proud holder of the David Bellamy Conservation Award Golden accolade which celebrates parks with forward-looking environmental policies.

We have also been awarded the 5 in 5 wild flower habitat badge for maintaining the wild flower habitats on the park and finding ways in which to increase these habitats.

Here at Bassenthwaite Lakeside Lodges we have installed and planted a bee garden in the grounds with high nectar-bearing blooms which provides valuable foraging resources for honey bees and other pollinators. This and all the hard work maintaining the wild flower habitats on site have enabled us to also become a Honey Bee friendly park.